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Your Wealth Does Not Justify Overconsumption – McDearis & Pappas

We hear more and more lately about our serious environmental problems…and our chronic economic problems…low wages, high taxes, high unemployment, diminishing benefits, small business and home real estate losses, and generally how hard it is to regulate the U.S. economy.

Really? Our economy is only hard to regulate because it is rigged in the favor of the very wealthy. This is not an accident—the system works against just about everyone else, and it most always has. Does anyone not know that most of our laws, financial regulations, and tax policies overwhelmingly favor the wealthy? They own and use the most natural and human resources because they can pay for it. Mansions, expensive cars, jets, lavish summer estates, servants, multi-million dollar weddings and vacations….while most Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

In reality, our economy is very easy to regulate and in such a way that most everyone could have a decent job, good healthcare, a home, and some free time. We have the resources, no one would argue that. What we do argue is just how our vast resources are distributed, and at this point, our entire economic system is designed for the wealthy. The control it. They are not sorry. They do not feel guilty. And they manipulate us at every turn, especially through purchasing political influence.

And none of it seems to bother us so much that we do anything about it but complain.

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You Are Responsible For Everything You Buy – McDearis & Pappas

You are responsible for everything you buy—from the health and working conditions of the workers who mine the natural resources and those who manufacture the products, to the marketing practices, to the overuse of natural resources, to the inevitable disposal. Even more tragic is our inability to align our very admirable values related to sustainability with our unenlightened and selfish buying behaviors, for it is individual behavior that creates the foundation for action in environmental, social, economic, and individual sustainability.

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