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Get Better Sleep: Know Your Sleep Cycles – Rosie

“Great sleep is hard to come by in our society, so this video explains an approach to getting the most out of the time you spend sleeping. Our sleep occurs in repeating cycles that last an average of approximately 90 minutes each. You start out in lighter sleep, slowly drifting off into deeper sleep towards the middle of each cycle, then re-entering lighter stages of sleep where you enter REM or Rapid-Eye Movement sleep when your most vivid dreaming occurs. When you wake up during REM sleep or one of the other light stages of sleep, your brain waves are operating close to what they normally do when you’re awake. This is the ideal time to wake up because you’re ready to take on the day. If your alarm clock jolts you awake during a deeper stage of sleep, you’re going to suffer through cognitive impairment that is likely to have a noticeable effect throughout your whole day. To avoid this, plan out how many full 90-minute sleep cycles you can fit into each night to ensure that you wake up when you’re in a lighter stage of sleep. That way you’ll be more alert, think quicker, and feel better emotionally during your day. ”


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Get Better Sleep: Sleeping in the Nude! – Rosie

“Great sleep is hard to come by in our society, but it turns out you can make the most out of your sleep by sleeping in the nude. It can help your health and your wallet (no more paying for pajamas or blasting the air conditioning at night!) Studies suggest that 60-67 degrees farenheit is the optimal room temperature for a good night’s rest, and people who have difficulty falling asleep may have a warmer internal body temperature that makes it challenging for one’s body temperature to drop in order to promote deep, rejuvenating sleep. For those who can, sleeping in the nude is a great way to ensure deep, undisturbed sleep and resulting healthy hormonal regulation. It is a much less expensive alternative to some of the luxury bed temperature regulation devices currently on the market.”

Rosie Lynch

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