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The Truth About Sugar – Lauren

Do you really know how much sugar you consume? Do you know what your max sugar intake should be? Though it varies from person to person, the American Heart Association suggests that the average adult consume no more than 26 grams of sugar a day. But don’t mistake that as a daily recommended value, you should shoot to stay far under that. However, if you neglect to read labels carefully, you might be well over the maximum. Taking the time to read labels and understand where the sugars are coming from is crucial to avoiding too much sugar in your diet. Furthermore, not all sugars are the same. Sugar naturally occurring in a whole apple is far different than the sugar in apple juice, and that is because the whole fruit is whole, and thus has fiber and pulp that makes the body digest the sugar differently. Understanding these differences is crucial to your health.

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You Can’t Eat More Than Your Share – McDearis & Pappas

Do we have the human right to use huge amounts of agricultural, human, and petroleum resources to produce unhealthy food that makes us fat and sick…and threatens to overwhelm our health care system, when so many people in the United States and the rest of the world have too little food? It’s an individual choice.

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