rosieRosie Lynch 

Rosie is a student activist pursuing her B.A. at James Madison University, class of 2016. She’s double majoring in Anthropology (Cultural Anthropology Concentration) and Philosophy and Religion (Interdisciplinary Religion with a focus on Eastern Traditions) and has a minor in Asian Studies. In addition to promoting sustainable lifestyles in college students, she has a research interest in mindfulness and yogic traditions. Rosie plans to be a lifelong learner and a “cool” college professor, pushing the boundaries of the anthropological discipline to inspire her students and readers to be more mindful, reflective, and of course, radical. She spends her hard-to-find free time advocating for climate justice and eating (but not typically cooking) yummy vegan and vegetarian food.

katKat McDearis

Kat is a graduate student pursuing a Master of Arts in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication at James Madison University. She is currently working on a thesis about Digital Activism. In 2014 she graduated from the same college with a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Design. Her skills include working with a variety of media such as video, web design, graphics, cartooning, and screen writing. For her future career path, she has plans of becoming a professor who writes and produces documentaries with a project-style class.

jonathanJonathan McMullan

Jonathan is a nursing student at James Madison University. He is interested in becoming involved in international medical aid following college graduation and pursuing his passion for travel, exploring, and experiencing life outside the American bubble.


Jessica (Tessa) Tang

Tessa is an elementary education major at James Madison University, class of 2016. Her skills include cartooning, web design, papercutting, and writing fiction. Tessa wants to teach abroad in East Asian countries and at home in the US, and live a colorful life that puts her variety of artistic interests to ample use. As a teacher, she challenges students to think critically from as early on as possible in the hopes that they will grow into free-thinking adults. In her free time, Tessa enjoys playing the clarinet with the JMU Wind Symphony and figuring out the harmful sociological impacts of machine-generated pop music.


Nick Clem

Nick is a junior biology major at James Madison University. He plans to work abroad in various non-governmental agencies that promote sustainability and equality in practical, community based ways. Nick also enjoys playing sports, riding boards, playing guitar and is trying to disenthrall himself from the common life path.

LaurenLauren Wheeler

Lauren is a junior Geographic Science major with a concentration in Environmental Science and Sustainable Development. She also minors in Biology and Humanitarian Affairs. After school she hopes to enter the Peace Corps and then maybe work internationally for an organization promoting sustainable development worldwide. The specific fields of sustainability that interest her are environment, agriculture, climate, and health, all of which, of course, work as a system and are interrelated, so a job incorporating all aspects of sustainability would be ideal. An intentionally atypical life is what excites her, and though it may not be the guaranteed safe path, she looks forward to the adventure. 


Justin Smith

Justin Smith is working towards a B.S. in Engineering with minors in Math and Environmental Management. He plans to combine his engineering interests with his passion for sustainable living to create positive change for the Earth and all of its inhabitants. Justin spends his free time engaging strangers in compelling conversations, climbing trees, painting and exploring his surroundings.


Taylor Jackson

Taylor is a junior Organizations Communications major with a double minor in Anthropology and Music Industry. She is passionate about service and involves herself with many community-based service organizations on campus. After school, she hopes to explore multiple careers working with indie record labels, then moving into non-profit organizations while also continuing her passions in artistic projects, vegan cooking, travel, and mindful, sustainable lifestyles. She ultimately hopes to spend her life inspiring and in service of others.

Alumnus Members:

Skye Decker
Heather Hunter-Nickels
Mariah Chamberlin

Mariah Chamberlin

Mariah graduated from James Madison University in 2015. She now resides in North Carolina.

Heather Hunter-Nickels

Heather graduated from James Madison University in 2015. She is now traveling through Central America.

Skye Decker

Skye is finishing her Nursing Degree at James Madison University in 2016.

carolineCaroline Lewis

Caroline recently graduated from James Madison University with her B.A. in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication, and has a minor in English Literature. She is passionate about sustainable agriculture, environmental conservation, education regarding ethical consumption, meditation, traveling, writing, reading, and appreciation for the natural world. She currently lives in Colorado, pursuing a career in writing.

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