ChangeIsREEL is an organization run by dedicated students from James Madison University. We aim to further the awareness of fellow students and peers on sustainable personality: a personality that is characterized by attitudes and behaviors that tend to create harmony, interconnection, and relatively high levels of self-awareness. This concept is called Individual Sustainability.  The topics of this concept include:

  • physical sustainability
  • intellectual sustainability
  • emotional sustainability
  • social sustainability
  • philosophical sustainability

Simple? Yeah, right…

We’re not living perfectly sustainable lives, nor do we claim to be. We know how hard it can be to jump from where you are right now to living your ideal life, with fully sustainable attitudes and behaviors in each of the 5 contexts. That’s why we have created short videos and articles that hone in on a small slice of each component of individual sustainability. We hope that these resources help you reevaluate your attitudes and behaviors and successfully pursue personal changes.  

So, start here if you want to develop a more sustainable personality.


Need More Academic Sources? Here is some further reading about Individual Sustainability and Sustainable Personality:

Radical Premises in Sustainability in Sustainability ReformEric Pappas

A New Systems Approach to Sustainability: University Responsibility for Teaching Responsibility in Contexts – Eric Pappas

Walking The Walk: Conceptual Foundations of the Sustainable Personality – Eric Pappas, Jesse Pappas, & Devon Sweeney


This work is based upon the work from the National Science Foundation under grant # EEC 1158728 (Eric Pappas, PI). Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

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